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A Beginner's Guide To Using A Vibrator
If orgasms feel like nothing more than an illusive fantasy at the moment, it could be about time you invested in a good, quality sex toy. To hell with being timid! If you're new to the self-pleasure game and are a bit clueless on how to use a vibrator, allow us to advise...
Desperate Measures Brides Have Gone To For The Perfect Wedding
From the cake flavours to the seating chart, wedding planning is pretty dang stressful. You just want to ensure that your ceremony and reception live up to what you've always dreamed of, but the pressure of it all can be overwhelming...
What Men REALLY Think When You're Giving Him A Blow Job
Have you ever wondered what your man thinks about while you go down on him? Have you ever wondered if you were actually offering mind-numbing pleasure or if he's rather be somewhere else? Well, wonder no more...
40 Wedding Cake Pictures For Instant Ideas
Choosing your wedding cake is not only one of the most important decisions of the entire nuptial process, it is hands down the tastiest. They're scrumptious food for the eyes and tummy. That said...
What Happened When My Boyfriend's Mum Caught Us In The Shower
Don't these kind of stories always begin with someone insisting everything is going to be fine? Then NOTHING turns out fine and said person is just like, "LOL, my bad." That's exactly what happened on that unfortunate day my boyfriend's mum came home and found us in the shower...
10 Ways Your Mobile Is Getting In The Way Of Your Sex Life
When it comes to love and affection, it's true smartphones do play an integral part in our relationships BUT what about when it comes to sex? Ladies, it's time we switched off those phones and truly enjoyed sex once and for all...
40 Memes That Every Single Girl Will Understand
Being single: it definitely has both perks and pits. Being able to do whatever you want is a plus, but wanting snuggles and TLC and having no one to give either can suck. But however you feel about your singlehood, here are 40 memes that every single girl will understand...
Sex Drive: The Differences Between Men & Women
He's a morning sex person, but you prefer evenings before getting your zzzz's. He’s u
many different reasons. Here's all the surprising reasons how they compare.
Bride-To-Be 101: How To Find The Perfect Wedding Shoes
You might think the hard part is over once you've found your perfect wedding dress but that's actually just the beginning. Finding comfortable, glamorous and beautiful wedding shoes can be a tall order for any bride to be...
Ideas For Wedding Vows For Every Type Of Couple
Some girls grow up dreaming of their wedding, others just want to go to the local register office and get it over with and some may have never even given it a thought. No matter what type of girl you are...
16 Reasons Why Fairytale Love Is The Best Kind Of Love
After wailing over the new Cinderella we couldn’t hel
just what is it about fairytale love stories that make our hearts flutter and melt. Is it the zero arguments? The man that would risk his life just for YOU...
10 Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Foreplay
Finding foreplay repetitive? When it comes to getting in the mood, foreplay is by far the most important aspect of sex but don't worry there's always something for you and your partner to enjoy. We butted heads with to
guaranteed to make you and your partner go wild...
Why You're Never Going to Meet Anyone Worth Dating in A Bar
Have you reached that desperate point in life where you're so frustrated with love, you're now willing to hit happy hour to find your soulmate? Let me stop you in your tracks. No matter how much you try convincing yourself otherwise, there's just no way you're going to meet "the one" in a bar...
27 Things We Wish Our Boyfriends Would Listen To
Men and women are TOTALLY different when it comes to love. If your man wants to please you and make you happy be honest about what you want. After all honesty is the best policy. Ladies, here are 27 things we wish our boyfriends would listen to...
12 Boy Mistakes Every Girl Makes On A Girls' Night Out
Ladies, how many times have you gone on a night out and made a complete and utter HOT MESS of yourself? Too many to count? Time to take a trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of all the man mistakes we've had to LIVE and LEARN...
10 Stupid Arguments That Signal Your Relationship Is Doomed
Ever thought about how stupid and petty some of the arguments you and your boyfriend have are? We're not talking about bickering over what to watch on Netflix, or how to stack the dishwasher properly...
50 Sexy Ways To ACTUALLY Get Turned On
If *shock* Fifty Shades of Grey didn't quite turn you on like you thought it might, why not try these sexy fun ways to get turned on and make your man instantly HOT for you? Here's how to REALLY spice things up in the boudoir...
14 Thoughts Guys Have During Sex
Ladies, have you ever wondered what's going through your man's mind as you're straddling him and putting in your best work? Well, we polled a few guys and they weren't afraid to tell all. Here's what they told us they're often thinking during sex...
The 10 Harsh Realities Only People In Long-term Relationships Know
Sometimes we get our realities messed up with our dreams - this is especially in long-term relationships. We always think 'this should be like that' or 'he should be doing this', but the reality is, there's no book or bible when it comes to true love...
10 Signs You're Just His Sugar Mama
Women get a bad wrap for being "gold diggers"; soulless vipers looking to drain men of all their precious coins. The truth is, gold digging works both ways. Newsflash: Men can be users, too. Ladies, here are 10 signs you're just his sugar mama...
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