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Mint Original Source Shower Gel Leaves Woman's 'Flaps On Fire' And We Can All Relate
Beware of the body wash that makes you feel awake. Because while it's designed to perk you u
alive when in direct contact - as one blogger recently found out.
This Blogger Uses Dental Floss To Remove Blackheads And It's Surprisingly Effective
Blackheads: the little dotted nemesis that however hard we try still remain the bane of our lives - to squeeze or not to squeeze? That is the question. One blogger who can relate to this skincare...
There's Already Another New Brow Trend, And It's Called Brow Carving
To be honest with you, we're finding it a little hard to keep up with all these brow trends at the moment. Call us narrow minded, but we thought there was only one way to have eyebrows, but now there's so many ways to style them it could fill a whole damn book...
People Are Applying 100 Coats Of Nail Polish And It's Weirdly Satisfying To Watch
In 2017 when we'll accept nothing less than one hundred percent, beauty bloggers are taking this to unnecessary extremes, if the '100 layers of nail polish challenge' is anything to go by. Just as barmy as it sounds...
21 Celeb Buzz Cuts That Are Tempting Us To Pick Up The Clippers
Some people are blessed with a perfect-shaped head that's primed for a shaving at some point in their lives. These ladies are perfect examples of that. Nothing makes us want to pick up a pair of clippers more than a cute cropped 'do and these ladies are tipping us towards the razor...
Pizza Undercuts Are Here And You'll Want A Slice Of The Action
If you too believe pizza is the greatest thing on Earth, why not pay homage to your favourite snack by wearing your heart on your sleeve? Or rather, your hair? It might sound crazy but the pizza undercut is here and it actually looks hella cool...
15 Celeb Hairstyles Perfect For Growing Out A Fringe
Growing out a fringe is EF-FORT. And, not only is is effort, it's super stressful too. It just sits at that inbetween-y length and there's nothing you can do with or about it. But that's where these beautiful ladies come in - they've mastered the art of growing out bangs gracefully...
Yellow Blusher Is The Spring Trend Guaranteed To Brighten This Grey May
If there was one shade we didn't think everyone would be able to pull off, it's a mellow yellow. Most of us just stick to what we know, a classic rosy cheek featuring subtle pinks and peaches. But if there's one thing the makeup artists of Instagram do so effortlessly...
Tried & Tested: The Naturally-indulgent Hand Cream
There are two types of people in the world: those who apply hand cream at their desk on the hour every hour and those hate the, often greasy, feeling of a lotion on their skin. Some like to indulge in a luxury...
DIY Rainbow Eyelashes Are Here And They're Festival AF
Forget floral crowns, crocheted bras and feathers everywhere because there's a new festival look to be seen in this season. Rainbow lashes are here to make your peepers POP and they're so easy you could do it with your eyes closed...
Chrissy Teigen Fools Everyone Into Thinking She's Had Extensive Cosmetic Surgery
Just a week after Kim Kardashian proved herself to be just like me and you when photos showing her unphotoshopped backside in all its huge and cellulite-ridden glory emerged, Chrissy Teigen dropped...
Turns Out The Best Shade Of Lipstick For You Is The Same Colour As Your Nipples
Ladies, here's today's tit bit: if you want to find your perfect shade of lippy, look no further than under your tee, because apparently the best way to find the colour that complements you best is to take a look at your nipples...
This Is Why 'Chinplants' Are The New Boob Jobs
Have you ever stared long enough at your chin to think 'that could definitely do with a tweak'? Er no me either, but apparently a huge amount of people have and are going to extreme measures to trade in what they were blessed with to emulate their favourite celebrity's jawline instead...
These Glow In The Dark Nails Are Lighting Up Our Lives Right Now
We've seen many a nail trend in our time but none so ready for a night on the town as glow-in-the-dark nails. And with one video of the nail design having nearly 6,000 likes, it's safe to say Instagram is most definitely here for this trend...
This 15 Year Old Boy Is Using His iPhone To Apply His Fleeky Makeup
This 15 year old boy is better at doing makeup than we could ever dream, and we ain't even mad - he's certainly teaching us a lesson or two in contouring. But when it comes to his tool kit of choice, we've got a lot of questions...
Dragon Brows Are The Spiky New Trend And Yes, They're Taking Over Your Insta
Forget sunset eyes and smudged lips, eyebrows are having their moment in the spotlight right now. After feathered brows and barbed wire brows, the arch above your eyes has taken a new spikier form, and we're totally into it...
The Olsen Twins: From Boho To Front Row, All Their Best Hairstyles To Date
The Olsen Twins: From Boho To Front Row, All Their Best Hairstyles To Date
These Glow Job Highlighters Are The X-rated Beauty Product Your Make-up Bag Is Missing
In today's the-beauty-industry's-gone-mad news I bring you Kama Sutra-themed highlighters. Getting lit just got X-rated thanks to these new compacts which feature a man receiving oral sex among other popular sex positions...
Copper Is The New Anti-ageing Skincare Ingredient You Need Right Now
We've heard of a million and one anti-ageing secrets - vitamin A, collagen, becoming a vampire. But there's a new kid on the block: Copper. Ye
skin. (I mean, Lady Libs is looking pretty good for her age, so who are we to judge...
This Teen's Mum Disowned Him For Wearing Makeup, And The Internet Came To His Rescue
Get those tissues ready chaps, because this story has all different kinds of layers that'll make you sob. This is the world wide web at its absolute best: when Jauan Durbin was feeling down and out, the internet had his back - and, it turns out, he had theirs...
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