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Transgender Activist Bleeds Through Trousers In Public To Prove 'Men Have Periods Too'
Being caught off guard and bleeding through your clothes when you're on your period and in public is a nightmare situation most women pray they never have to endure. But one period-positive activist has bled freely through their lightly-coloured chinos...
Ginger Sperm Donors In High Demand As The Want For Redhead Babies Rises
It can't be ignored: redhead babies are the cutest. And ginger adults are the hottest. So it's no wonder that women looking to become mothers are in search of more ginger sperm donors to make their baby as cute as it could possibly be...
Turns Out Skipping Your Lunch Break Is Adding Some Serious Time Onto Your Working Year
If you think about it, really think about it, when was the last time you took a proper, hour-long lunch break? Went out in the sun, brought yourself a fancy sandwich. Listened to an awesome podcast or hung out with a friend...
This Woman Cut Her Husband's Balls Off Because She Refused To Have Morning Sex
Non-consensual sex is no laughing matter so you can imagine the ordeal of having a man repeatedly demanding to have sex when you really don't want to. Imagine this man is your husband who you've recently reunited with and who you suspect has been having illicit relationships during your absence...
Good News Gals! Someone Has Finally Created A Beer For Women
Oh em gee ladies, isn't it just like, the literal worst when you go to a pub and you don't fancy a prosecco and there's no Aperol spritz and only beer left, but ew! It's beer - it's heavy and too fizzy and just, yuck...
This Woman Was Forced To Breastfeed Standing Up On A Train After No One Offered Her A Seat
Using public transport is stressful at the best of times but when you're travelling with children or pregnant, it's can be unbearable. Spare sympathy for this mother, then, after she was forced to breastfeed her baby standing up on a packed train...
Midwife Shares Photo Of Period Blood-stained Uniform After She Was Too Busy To Change
It's no secret medical staff are stretched beyond belief but now one Swedish midwife has revealed the shocking reality of an understaffed maternity ward in a candid post which she hopes will kick her government into action...
A Woman In Saudi Arabia Is Being Investigated By Police For Wearing A Mini Skirt
A Saudi woman recently posted a video of herself on Snapchat, appearing to break the country's strict dress code. The young woman - who is reportedly a model - was filmed walking around a historic fort...
Plus Size Model Tess Holliday Celebrates National Nude Day Like A Boss With A Very Cheeky Photo
Tess Holliday isn't one to hide her curves away simply because beauty norms tell her she should. She's all about embracing her fuller figure and breaking the mould and her latest Instagram post for National Nude Day is no exception...
Mum-of-three Proves There's An Ugly Side To Every 'Picture-perfect' Instagram Photo
Whether it's a selfie, work pass or group photo, it can be so hard to find the angle in which you look best. The struggle is real, you guys. But once you've got that angle, BAM - you look a million dollars...
Imagine Being So Immature That You Complain To HR About A Colleague Being On Her Period
Ah, periods. They make us cancel our social plans, eat the earth, break out, bloat out and lash out but you know what makes them ten times worse? Someone - a man - complaining to HR about them. Yeah. Chivalry ain't dead after all...
Cards Against Humanity Make Fun Of Pink Tax With Pricey 'For Her' Edition
Cards Against Humanity is their name, offensive is their game. And they're back at it with their new version of the game - a pink edition, made just for us ladies.
Women Now Need Permission To Get An Abortion In Arkansas
Whilst we continue to take steps forward in our fight for equality, there's always something or someone that forces us to take massive strides backwards. Case in point: Arkansas have just passed a law that forces women to have the permission of their partner before they can seek an abortion...
This 26 Year Old With Wrinkles Is Teaching Us To Love Our Bodies
In today's women-are-the-best news, allow me to introduce you to Sara Geurts - a 26-year-old body-positive advocate who is championing the mantra that "each imperfection you have tells a story about who you are"...
This Woman Posts 'Unflattering' Pic To Show Her Daughters Why She Loves Her 'Bubblegum Belly'
The process of having a baby isn't always the easiest, especially when it comes to your self confidence. With so many changes to your body, it's easy to become upset about any little comment about your body - especially when it comes out the unfiltered mouth of a child...
This Plus-size Model Bravely Confronted A Man Who Sent Fat-shaming Texts About Her
For 'every men are the worst' story there's a 'women are the best' story to restore our faith. This latest viral tale of body-shaming involves elements of each and both parties can teach us a valuable lesson about judging a book by its cover...
This Model Gave Up Living On '500 Calories A Day' To Embrace Her Natural Curves
When food is life it's hard to imagine restricting your calorie intake or denying yourself of your fave snacks, but that's the sad reality for lots of models today, who need to stay skeletal in order to get booked on the runway and succeed in their careers...
This Woman Was Forced To Leave Her Apartment Pool For Wearing A Swimsuit
And today in bullsh*t us women have to put up with: this 20-year-old woman was ejected from her own apartment's communal pool for wearing a one piece swimsuit, because "there are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don't need to excite them...
We Can't Deny It, 'Thunder Thighs' Is Our Summer Jam
You can stop releasing songs now Justin Bieber, 'cos we've already found our summer jam and it's perfect. New York rapper Miss Eaves has released her new song 'Thunder Thighs' and it speaks directly to our hearts - and our chub rub...
This Woman's Daughter Called Her Fat And She Responded In The Most Inspirational Way
We all know that when it comes to kids, they're our harshest critics. They have no filter, and when they say something, my god do they mean it. Like us, kids sometimes say things in anger and, unlike us, they don't just keep it as a thought inside their heads...
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