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'Overweight Haters Ltd' Are Handing Fat-Shaming Cards To Women On The Tube
As if our morning commute wasn't stressful enough, now we have to deal with a bunch of d*cks who think it's their prerogative to print off a load of fat-shaming cards and hand them out to women on the train who they deem are 'overweight'...
Here’s Just 3 Examples Of Why The International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women Is So Important
In 1993, the UN General Assembly Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women was created to take action against the epidemic. But more than 20 years on UNWomen.org state that 1 in 3 women still experience physical or sexual violence...
Why Is Office Bullying Getting Worse And How Can We Stop It?
There’s an office bully in nearly every workplace. They bombard you with passive aggressive emails, leave mounds of work on your desk and try at least once a day to embarrass you in front of everyone...
What This Husband Wrote About His Wife's Work As A Trauma Nurse Is Incredible
Bobby Wesson had an incredible response after posting a picture of his wife cuddling their toddler on Facebook along with an explanation about his wife's experiences as a trauma nurse. The post has now...
5 Reasons We Need To Sign The #Equality4MentalHealth Petition
Danny Boyle, Louis Theroux and Miranda Hart are just three in a long list of public figures who have signed the #Equality4MentalHealth, an open letter calling for physical and mental health problems to be treated equally in the government's spending review...
Emma Watson And Malala Yousafzai Are Changing The Face Of Feminism Together
By speaking about feminism during her He for She campaign at the UN, Emma turned a controversial word into a solidly positive message, and converted many to the cause for equality, including Nobel Peace Prize recipient and education activist Malala Yousafzai...
What Does Facebook Tolerate More - Nudity Or Racism? The Answer is Depressing
A topless woman or a racist comment, which would you find more offensive? Well a German photographer wanted to know where Facebook stood on the matter, and the answer is sure to depress you. *Rolls eyes*
15 Reasons Tampons Are So Effing Luxurious
Because tampons are a girl's best friend. Not diamonds. Always tampons.
Research Shows There’s More Women In The Boardroom Than Ever - But We Can’t Stop There
A recent government report has shown that some of the UK’s top companies have hit a “major milestone” by significantly increasing the number of women in their boardrooms. Great, right? Fantastic, even...
Police Launch New Sexual Consent Campaign Using A Cup Of Tea...
Thames Valley Police have launched a Youtube campaign that uses a cup of tea as an analogy for sexual consent, which is both great and depressing at the same time...
This Guy Rocks A Pink Tutu To Support His Cancer-suffering Wife & It's Brilliant
When Bob Carey's wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, he wanted to find a way to support his wife whilst also making people laugh. For him, The Tutu Project was the perfect way to do this. Since then, they've launched the #Dare2tutu hashtag to spread awareness and raise money...
This Girl Shames Disgusting Online Creeps In The Best Way
How do you deal with a decade of sexist and racial abuse from trolls, fetishists and general sleazebags? You publicly shame them, that's what. High five to the girl with the violin.
Why Crying At Work Isn't A Big Deal From Someone Who Knows
Lena Dunham and Gloria Steinem recently came out as office criers in this week's Lenny Letter, making women all over the world rejoice and sing 'It's my office and I'll cry if I want to'. So why is crying at work still such a taboo...
Baby Loss Awareness Week: Why Losing A Baby Shouldn't Be Taboo
This week is Baby Loss Awareness Week - a week dedicated to breaking the 'taboo' subject of losing a child and helping women to get the support they really need in order to talk about their experiences with miscarriage, rather than suffering in silence...
How The World's So-Called 'Ugliest Woman' Turned Online Hate Into The Most Inspirational Campaign Ever
We’ve all experienced some form of bullying at one point in our lives but imagine being in high school and stumbling across a video on Youtube about yourself. Now imagine that the video was entitled “THE UGLIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD...
This Victoria's Secret Photoshop Fail Might Be The Worst Yet
It's not the first and it probably won't be the last time the Victoria's Secrets photoshop team screws up. The brand is known for its liberal use of airbrushing but this time they've really overdone it...
Meryl Streep And Co-stars Face Backlash Over Suffragette T-Shirts
‘I’d rather be a rebel than a slave’ T-shirt used to promote Meryl Streep's new movie gets attention on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.
Breast Cancer Survivors Show Their Scars In Response To The “Insensitive” #ShowYourStrap Campaign
Marks & Spencer have launched the campaign, #ShowYourStrap which encourages women to post selfies showing their bra straps and although it has good intentions, many survivors are left unimpressed.
People Are Tearing Down Gender Stereotypes With The #MasculinitySoFragile Hashtag
The #MasculinitySoFragile hashtag is trending on Twitter, and it's brilliant. The hashtag highlights the downsides and pitfalls of toxic masculinity, and aims to prove that expressing emotions and feelings doesn't make you less of a man...
Why It's Time To Stop Ignoring The Mental Health Of Young Men
The Sunday Times writer Katie Glass spoke has spoken out about the masculinity crisis that’s affecting the mental health of young men today. With suicide rates rising, guys are finding it harder to find ways to speak out and ask for help...
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