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Haircuts at a glance

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Haircuts at a glance


Hair care at a glance

Home / Beauty / Hair / Hair care at a glance

Hair care at a glance


Hair Trends at a glance

Home / Beauty / Hair / Hair Trends at a glance

Hair Trends at a glance


Our latest promotional features

Home / Beauty / Hair / Our latest promotional features

Our latest promotional features


'Baby bangs' the new trend in fringes

Home / Beauty / Hair / 'Baby bangs'

'Baby bangs', the new trend in fringesThe ring of now is daring... to say the least.The 'Baby bang' or 'minimal fringe', is a straight and very short fringe that falls way above...


Metallic Hair: the colours trending on Instagram

Home / Beauty / Hair / Metallic Hair

Well, it's official: Metallic hair colour is in and Instagram proves it.From sleek silver ponytails to gunmetal grays, you're going to fall in love with these beautiful shades...


The Most Iconic Hairstyles From The Year You Were Born

Home / Beauty / Hair / The most iconic hairstyles from the year you were born.

Are you in love with everything vintage like we are? We have collected the most popular hairstyles from the 40s until the early 2000s.Take a dip into the past and retrace the...


The Cutest Corset Braid Styles

Home / Beauty / Hair

Hair trends come and go but braids have more staying power than most, continuing to feed our inner hairdresser years after they first emerged as a popular style on Instagram and...


The Best Bubble Braid Styles As Told By Instagram

Home / Beauty / Hair

Bubble braids first floated onto our radar when Kendall Jenner rocked a singular-style braid - or bubble ponytail - at the MTV Movie Awards in 2016.Since then, they've burst onto...


The Celebrities With Better Plaits Than The Disney Princesses

Home / Beauty / Hair / The Celebrities With Better Plaits Than A Disney Princess

Plaits and braids are like the hairstyle equivalent of sweatpants. They will save a bad hair day, they'll mask a week's worth of dirt and they'll make five months worth of regrowth...


Rainbow Carved Hair Is The Coolest Shaved Head Trend

Home / Beauty / Hair / Rainbow carved hair

If you thought rainbow hair was cool, this latest variant on the unicorn-themed trend is next level. While so far the tradition to dye your tresses all colours of the rainbow...


Die Frisuren der Stars: Kurz vs lang

Home / Beauty / Hair / Die Haare der Stars: Kurz vs lang

One perk of being an A-lister is having a bevy of hairstylists at your beck and call whenever you fancy changing up your hairstyle. Whether they want a new colour, cut or style...


Selena Gomez's Hair History: Her Best Brunette Moments

Home / Beauty / Hair / Selena Gomez 2017

There's no denying Selena Gomez looks incredibly stunning whatever look she chooses, because some people have all the luck! When it comes to her hair history, she's stuck with...


Ariana Grande's Signature Hairstyles: From High Ponytail To Half Up Half Down

Home / Beauty / Hair / Ariana Grande Hair

If anyone knows how to pull off a high ponytail it's Ariana Grande. From her signature up-do to her voluminous half up half down tresses - honestly, have you ever seen anyone...


Bon Appetit! Katy Perry's Hair History

Home / Beauty / Hair / Katy Perry 2017

When it comes to chopping and changing hairstyles, no one is more adventurous than Katy Perry - it's safe to say her hair history is a colourful one. Having tried out just about...


The Olsen Twins: From Boho To Front Row, All Their Best Hairstyles To Date

Home / Beauty / Hair / Olsen Twins Hair

The Olsen Twins have been top of our blonde hair inspiration list for a long time and with good reason. Whether they're wearing their locks sleek and swept back on the front row...


This Woman Has Serious Makeup Skills

Home / Beauty / Hair / This Woman Has Serious Makeup Skills



The best festival hairstyles: Celebrity festival hair

Home / Beauty / Hair / The best festival hairstyles: Celebrity festival hair

It's festival season! That means you have free licence to experiment with your hair and embrace your inner voodoo child with some boho hairstyling.Embrace the mood by rocking...


50 Of The Hottest Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

Home / Beauty / Hair / Celebrity Braided Hairstyles

From halo to cornrows, braids continue to come back season after season, and we fall in love each time. With so many ways to wear the trend, we have put together 50 of the best...


Braids And Plaits: Plait Hairstyles You Have To Try

Home / Beauty / Hair / Braids and plaits: Plait hair styles you have to try

Plaits and braids are in - and there's so many ways to wear them. Forget pigtails, plaits just got super sophisticated.We saw them everywhere on the runway this season, from neatly...