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Two Girls Are Banned From Flight For Wearing Leggings
And today in sexist news that makes no sense: a United Airlines agent stopped two girls from flying because they were wearing leggings. In a series of tweets, one witness describes seeing the girls stopped from boarding the flight until they changed into something they deemed more appropriate...
A Female Body-builder Body-shamed Another Woman In The Gym And People Are Understandably Outraged
If you've ever felt intimated by the so-called 'fit fam' that are a feature in every gym, you can spare a thought for this unfortunate lady who found herself on the receiving end of some very nasty comments, courtesy of a fellow female...
This Body-positive Blogger Clapped Back To Trolls Who Slammed Her For Gaining Weight In The Best Way
Body-transformation photos have become somewhat of a social-media phenomenon in recent times and by now, most of us are tuned into the fact personal trainers who spend their lives exercising and Instagramming said activities don't look as sculpted in real life as they seem to online...
44 Things That Defied The Curse of 2016
The dust is finally settling on the year that can only be described as a never-ending sh*tshow. 2016 will forever be remembered as the year that killed Bowie (and many more talented greats of our time) and The Great British Bake Off as we know it...
There's a Super Important Message Hidden Inside This Lavish Instagram Account's Posts
How many times have you pored over someone's Instagram page, enviously wishing you could swap places with them? Maybe a better question is: if you've never done this, do you even know what Insta is? From sun-drenched holidays to faraway lands to monthly city breaks...
This Powerful Photo Series Shows The Raw Suffering Of Sexual Assault Survivors
Convicted sex offender Brock Turner was released from prison earlier this week after having served just three months of his six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on Stanford University campus in January 2015...
Watch Amy Schumer Shut Down Creepy-Ass Heckler
There's nothing Amy Schumer does better than tearing down misogynist pigs. So when a guy disrespects her at her own show in Stockholm, she made a spectacle of him the best way possible. If you need to know one thing about Ms Schumer, it's that you should not, under any circumstances, mess with her...
#Mermaidthighs is The Body-Positive Response to Thigh Gaps We've Always Wanted
Thigh gap, smigh gap. Women of the Internet rejoice! Thin thighs are out and thick thighs are in and it's the best Instagram news we've heard all year. Females everywhere have reason to celebrate as we're no longer being judged on how much our thighs don't touch...
Why Women Need To Stop Obsessing Over Having A Flat Stomach
Although Instagram can provide hours of entertainment mindless scrolling doesn't do your body confidence any good. With round-the-clock access to perfectly-framed and heavily-edited photos, often presenting unrealistic body ideals, it's not uncommon to feel down about your 'not-quite-perfect' self...
Strong Is Sexy: Serena Williams' Inspiring Message About Body Shaming
Despite her exceptional sporting success and her incredible physique, Serena Williams is still often criticised for her athletic appearance. We know, go figure! But she's here to tell us that she would never change anything about her bod, cos strong sure is hella sexy when you're number one...
WATCH: Spice Girls' 'Wannabe' Gets A Powerful Feminist Makeover
It's hard to believe that the Spice Girls first appeared on our TV screens twenty years ago, making mischief and pulling tablecloths off tables in their video for Wannabe in 1996. But now in 2016 the tune is making a big comeback...
Next Time You Compare Yourself To an Instagram Bod, Remember This
​It’s no urban myth most social-media users facilitate various online platforms to promote an edited version of their everyday lives. Not-so-humble brags clutter Instagram and Facebook feeds, with the ultimate goal of inducing as much #lifeenvy as possible...
What It's Like to Have Sex as a Victim of FGM by a Girl Who Knows All Too Well
The first time Mariya Karimjee had sex she was 22 and the experience was, by all accounts, a disaster. But not in the way that you or I may experience a first-time sex catastrophe: this wasn't about not knowing what to do or the usual things that make for an embarrassing first time...
Women Are Sharing Their Earliest Experiences With Sexism Through The #WhenIWas Hashtag
It seems that sexism towards women is almost like some twisted rite of passage these days. Many of us have been experiencing sexism way before we were able to call it out on Twitter, but now women are...
There's Now A Taxi-sharing Service Billed As 'The Uber Just For Women'
New ride-sharing service Chariot is set to be the first taxi company that features all-women drivers picking up female-only passengers. Michael Pelletz came up with the idea when working for popular ride-sharing company Uber, but the company is already in hot water before it's even started...
Women Walk Out Of Church In Protest Against Priest's Support Of Abortion Ban
Women in Poland have been seen walking out of a church during a priest's reading of a letter that supports the plan to tighten up laws on abortion. Meanwhile, women's rights activists take to the streets...
Prince Harry Makes A Passionate Speech For Women's Rights At The Nepal Girl Summit
Prince Harry has been in Nepal for the past few days visiting people who were displaced from their homes after the massive earthquake that happened in the area nearly a year ago. He spoke to people in shelters and stayed with a local family in the small mountain town of Leorani...
Calvin Klein Under Fire For 'Sexist' Advertising Campaign
Calvin Klein have come under fire for their latest #mycalvins ad after it had been said that their main New York billboard seemed to perpetuate outdated gender stereotypes, which we're totally bored of RN...
Caitlin Moran Wrote An Open Letter To The Troubled Young Girls She Meets At Book Signings
Caitlin Moran is an icon to many people, and no more so than young girls. At Letters Live last weekend, Caitlin read aloud an open letter she wrote addressed to these girls that she meets at her book signings, and watch out - it's a total tear jerker...
WikiHow Taught Me How To Be A Good Feminist
Today is International Women's Day. It's a day to celebrate women, our achievements, and everything we stand for. It's about standing up for feminism. But what is feminism, what makes a feminist and how can I become one? I was about to find out, thanks to my good friend WikiHow...
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