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Ellen Page hair: Tomboy tresses

Home / Beauty / Hair / Ellen Page hair: Tomboy tresses

Speaking her mind and dossing around in jeans and a t-shirt, we could go on and on with reasons to love little Ellen Page - but her humble tresses definitely top the lust-after list...


The best celebrity hair: Hairstyle awards 2013

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You’d have to agree that with all the glamorous award galas and Hollywood soirees there's been an unbelievable amount of hair greatness amongst celebs in 2013.So the team at sofem...


Five minute party hairstyles: Last all night locks

Home / Beauty / Hair / Five minute party hairstyles: Last all night locks

Party season can only mean one thing for our tresses, they're heading to tinsel town whether we like it or not. From sophisticated soirees, to crazy cocktail celebrations and...


50 Halloween Manicure Ideas

Home / Beauty / Beauty tips

Halloween is knock, knocking on the door, and we couldn't be more thrilled! It's the time of year where we're consumed by #pumpkinfever (hold the spice latte), and spooky horror films...


Golden Globes 2015 - Hair & Beauty

Home / Beauty / Hair / Le acconciature e i make-up sfoggiati sul red carpet

Si sono svolte ieri sera le premiazioni dei Golden Globes, che hanno annunciato i migliori film e serie tv. Tantissime le star che hanno calcato il red carpet, e che hanno sfoggiato...


Lip Balm

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Bee Good Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm


#TreatYoSelf Haul: Beauty, Fashion & Everything In Between

Home / Beauty / Make up

Shopping is about to get SERIOUS. From the ultimate beauty must-haves to covet fashion pieces we need to have NOW, there's no limit to how much we could want when it comes to payday...


Hairstyles for Red Hair

Home / Beauty / Red Hair Styles 2011-2012

Red hairstyle ideas 2011/2012© PixelFormula PixelFormula


Pillow faces and trout pouts

Home / Beauty / Cosmetic Surgery / Chantelle Houghton trout pout

Chantelle Houghton trout pout© Sipa Sipa


Pixie Lott hair

Home / Beauty / Hair / Pixie Lott hair

When we think Pixie Lott hair, we think cute, girly and a whole lotta fun.We've loved Pixie Lott since she first appeared on our pop radar a few years ago, and now that she's...


Street Style Hairstyles

Home / Beauty / Hair / Street style hairstyles

We're always clocking people's 'dos and we're sure you are too.Pestering strangers for a pic of their tresses isn't always easy - but it's all part of the job for sofeminine's...


Emma Watson hair

Home / Beauty / Hair / Emma Watson hair: Her hair history

Emma Watson’s hair debut started with the frizzy mane of Hermione Granger but over the last decade we have seen her blossom into a trend setting style icon.Her latest red carpet...


Jessie J hair

Home / Beauty / Hair / Jessie J hair

After shaving her hair for Comic Relief Jessie is still embracing her shorter-than-short hair do.As well as being a good sport and a charitable soul, Jessie J also manages to...


The Best Beauty Products of All Time

Home / Beauty / Beauty tips / Best beauty products of all time

Wanna know our favourite beauty buys of all time? The polish our nails wouldn't survive without, or the eye gel we’d beg borrow or steal for? What about the king of fake tans...


Kristen Stewart hair: Gorgeous grungy locks

Home / Beauty / Hair / Kristen Stewart hair: Gorgeous grungy locks

Kristen Stewart has had a roller-coaster of a year with various film releases and plenty of awards, not to mention her infamous affair! But credit where credits due, K-Stew is...


Mila Kunis hair: Sleek 'n shiny brunette locks

Home / Beauty / Hair / Mila Kunis hair: Sleek 'n shiny brunette locks

It is no surprise that we have a major case of girl crush when it comes to Mila Kunis. But it is not without good reason - the girl has good hair!Just check out her gorgeous,...


Scarlett Johansson hair: Blonde bombshell alert!

Home / Beauty / Hair / Scarlett Johansson hair: Blonde bombshell alert!

Although Scarlett is our go-to girl for blonde bombshell hair inspiration, she's done her fair share of experimenting. From darker shades to berry red, to a short pixie crop,...


Megan Fox hair: Foxy locks

Home / Beauty / Hair / Megan Fox hair: Foxy locks

American actress and model, Megan Fox, is well known for her gorgeous glossy locks, and we’re not surprised - it's perfectly pristine at all times.She has always championed the...


Oscars 2013: The best hair and make-up looks

Home / Beauty / Hair / Oscars 2013: The best hair and make-up looks

Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning with her elegant up do and smoky eyes. The pale pink lip-gloss finished off her look perfectly.


Gwyneth Paltrow hair: Her hottest hairstyles

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Gwyneth Paltrow is one of our all time favourite style icons - for her effortless chic and for her perfect tresses.From straight and sophisticated to tousled and playful Gwyneth...