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This Rapunzel Hair Transformation Has A Very Happy Ending
Girls get really attached to their hair. Fact. Just ask any hairdresser and they're bound to have come across that one client (and by one, we mean hundreds) who just wants 0.00001 of an inch off their tresses...
Tried & Tested: Skinfix Brightening Eye Cream
After a bank holiday weekend you'd expect everyone to return to work bright-eyed and bushy tailed but in reality everyone is struggling to get over three consecutive days of drinking, yawning every five minutes and using their lunch hour to take a sneaky nap...
LED Light False Eyelashes Now Exist And They're LIT
They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so why not go the whole hog and light them up like a tree at Christmas to really draw them in? Yep, we've now been blessed with the latest lit invention on the beauty market, meet LED light eyelashes, AKA the eye wear we never knew we needed...
18 Of The Most Dramatic Celebrity Eyebrow Transformations
18 Of The Most Dramatic Celebrity Eyebrow Transformations
#TreatYoself Pay Day Haul: Beauty, Fashion & Everything In Between
Hands up everyone who's in summer mode already? That's a full house then. Now we've reached the end of May, it's officially acceptable to begin that exciting summer countdown. And by summer I mean shopping...
This Man Has Spent Seven Years Transforming Himself Into A 'Human Platypus'
In a world where body modification knows no bounds, it's humanly possible to transform yourself into whatever your spirit animal may be but we reckon Jenya Bolotov is the most extreme living example of this...
This Woman Used Live Insects In Her Lip Art And The Internet Is Not Happy
When it comes to new makeup trends, we're all for a little creative flair. Barbed brows, neon eyeliner, LED eyelashes we can all get on board with. But when it comes to using live creatures to promote your quirky lip tricks well, that might be a step too far for us beauty fans...
Toilet Paper Lip Art Is Here & It's Anything But Turd
In the latest 'unlikely household item to be used as a beauty essential' news, it's the humble toilet paper's time to shine. Yes you read that right, those paper thin sheets usually reserved for wiping our behinds are now making their way to our erm, lips...
This Is The Queen's Favourite Nail Colour And It Proves That's She's One Of Us
There's not many times in life when we can relate to the Queen of England, but when it comes to a super sophisticated mani, she's just like us. Turns out, the Queen Vic likes a bargain in Boots just as much as we do...
People Are Losing It Over St Tropez's First Tanning Sheet Mask
If you've ever overdone it with your fake tan application and had to rock an orange hairline and brows for a week, then you're going to want to hear this. St Tropez have just dropped a bronzing sheet mask that makes that natural holiday glow a whole lot easier to achieve...
Crumbs! Breadcrumb Brows Are Here And They're Making Us Feel Weird
Breadcrumb eyebrows. Not exactly two words you would ever expect to see in the same sentence but this is 2017 and this is where we're at. The following images may evoke the following feelings: 1. nausea and 2...
People Are Now Having Facials On Their Vaginas, Or Vagacials
Beauty ideals are officially out of control. So much so, people are starting to care for their genitals in the same way they do their faces. A daily shower apparently isn't enough to maintain a clean and healthy vagina any more...
This Guy's Gross Blackhead Removal Hack Is Genius
If you've never had a blackhead in your life, have you really even been through puberty? The ugly, dark marks caused by clogged hair follicles are almost impossible to bust and while skin gritting's had its moment in recent times...
Tried & Tested: Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self-tanning Oil
These days self-tan comes in just about every formula under the sun. There's lotions, foams, mousses, mists, serums and oils. You can go gradual, develop overnight or tan in an instant. Heck, you can even tan IN the shower these days...
Fidget Spinner Toy Nails Are Here & They Look Insane
Fidget spinner nails are here and they've got us in a right er, spin. Inspired by the plastic toy craze currently sweeping every playground across the world, this spinning, springing, twisting manicure is like wearing a Bop it! toy on your talons (remember those?)...
Is This $60,000 Diamond-Encrusted Manicure The Most Expensive Beauty Treatment In The World?
While we're out here feeling guilty handing over £30 for our monthly gel manicure, devout beauty fans in America are forking out an eye-watering $60,000 on a diamond-encrusted set, complete with gold leaf pedicures because this is 2017...
The Gym Might Work Wonders For Your Body But It's Ruining Your Hair
Hands up if you were planning on going to the gym today but were also looking for an excuse to not? Well, stop right there because we've just found it - new research has revealed that working out could cause hair loss, not even kidding...
This Beauty Blogger Is Swapping Makeup Primer For Lube And The Results Are Surprising
When it comes to genius makeup hacks, you can always rely on beauty bloggers to deliver the goods. But just when you thought nothing could trump the condom-covered Beauty Blender, they're now rubbing lube all over their cheeks - and I don't mean those cheeks either...
Bon Appetit! Katy Perry's Hair History
Bon Appetit! Katy Perry's Hair History
Eyebrow Wigs Are Now A Thing And We Actually Want To Try Them
We will stop at nothing for bold Cara D-inspired eyebrows. Microblading? Been there. Eyebrow stamp? Done that. But allow us to introduce something we've yet to try: eyebrow wigs. Yep, wigs for your facial...
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