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Make Your Nails Look The T*ts With This 3D Boob Manicure
If you weren't blessed in the boob department, fear not, because now you can get the mammaries you've always dreamed of without even having to go under the knife - and it's all thanks to this 3D boob manicure...
The Surprising Reason This Woman Got Tattoos To Replace Her Toenails
Sometimes the internet can be like one big game of Chinese whispers, and never more so than for this poor girl whose tattooed toes became one big butt of a joke. But now the tattooist responsible for the rose inkings is speaking out and hitting us with facts...
This Cancer Patient Is Inspiring Everyone With Her Cara Delevingne Spray-On Hair
Remember when Cara Delevingne spray painted her beautiful skinhead and then decorated it with rhinestones at the Met Gala this year? Well, a makeup artist has recreated the look on a young cancer patient and we have to say, this gal wears it even better...
Tried & Tested: The Ultra Fine Hydrating Mist
Cleanse, tone and moisturise - the three steps hammered into us as teens with the promise they'll bless you with a life of flawless, youthful skin. Flash forward 10 years and things aren't so simple. Now on top of the basic...
19 Of The Weirdest Nail Art Trends Ever!
Few things on this Earth make us feel as under pressure as sitting in the nail salon ready for a fresh set, and the technician asking 'which colour would you like?'. The pressure to avoid making the wrong choice is just TOO MUCH...
Clip On Teeth Veneers Are Here To Make You Look Like A Real Life Ross Geller
Filters we get, makeup we get, temporary tattoos we get, but clip on teeth? Nope, nah-uh - not quite comprehending that one. In the latest Instagram pursuit of perfection, faux veneers are doing the rounds and making every 'grammers dream of a flawless Hollywood smile come true...
Watermelon Makeup Is The Freshest Way To Get Attention This Summer
Summer comes around pretty slowly here in ol' England, so we have plenty of time to prepare for it. And when we say "prepare for it", we mean "come up with extravagant beauty looks that confuse our elderly relatives at the annual family get-together"...
The Korean Hanacure Face Mask Is The Creepy Skin Saviour Celebrities Are Loving
We're always on the hunt for new beauty solutions to give us that #nofilter selfie ready skin we crave, but now you can get it without hiring your own glam team a la the Kardashians. Meet the creepy cool...
This Makeup Artist Blogger With A Feeding Tube Is Defying Beauty Standards, One Fire Selfie At A Time
In a world where we're bombarded with picture-perfect images of women and girls who supposedly define 'goals', it's refreshing when someone who doesn't portray a cloned version of every other Instagram star's feed bursts onto the scene...
'My Vagina Was On Icy Fire!' This Woman's Account Of Using Mint Shower Gel Is Relatable AF
There's nothing like a long, hot shower to wash away the stress of the day, is there? Well, unless you're using Original Source Mint shower gel and your lady flaps feel like they're on fire, that is....
Nipple Nails Are The Latest Mani Trend To Take Instagram By Storm
Have you ever looked at your mani and thought damn, this is the tits! Well now it literally can be. Nail artist Mei Kawajiri is gifting women the pleasure of having t*ts on their digits with her boob manicures...
Orly X Muslim Girl Have Created The First Halal-friendly Nail Polish
If you're not muslim, having to consider whether your beauty products are in line with your religion is not something you've ever had to consider. But for those who are, navigating your way through the minefield that is nail varnishes...
This Blogger Has The Best Solution To Summer Thigh Chafing
As much as we love summer, it does bring up a few unfortunate beauty faux pas. Shiny face, sweaty pits, and, the worst of the lot, the thigh chafe. Yeah, the jeans come off - but the heat rub comes on...
This Is What The Biggest Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Looked Like Before They Were Famous
In a world where we're inclined to edit 99.99% of everything we post online within an inch of its life, it's hard to remember what life was before the Instagram era. Bloggers are the biggest culprits of this habit...
Tried & Tested: The £3 Salon-worthy Shampoo And Conditioner
You've heard it all before. The secret to strong, healthy hair is to avoid straighteners, bleach and always air-dry your hair. Great. That leaves us with the mousy brown, unruly but very much split end-free hair we used to rock when we were 12...
Die Frisuren der Stars: Kurz vs lang
Die Frisuren der Stars: Kurz vs lang
Selena Gomez's Hair History: Her Best Brunette Moments
Selena Gomez's Hair History: Her Best Brunette Moments
Woman Gets Revenge On Drunk Dozing Boyfriend In The Most Sassy Way
Sometimes it's just all too tempting to mess with a sleeping drunk person. Show of hands: how many of you have taped beer cans to your passed-out friend's hands? Or been the victim of a game of human Buckaroo when you've had too many cocktails and just "shut your eyes for a few minutes"...
A Man Died From A Flesh-eating Bacteria After He Went Swimming With His New Tattoo
In some cases rules are made to be broken, but when it comes to tattoos you should probably follow the advice you're given by the professionals. This man chose to ignore warnings to avoid swimming for two weeks after getting tattooed and sadly, paid the ultimate price for it...
Ariana Grande's Signature Hairstyles: From High Ponytail To Half Up Half Down
Ariana Grande's Signature Hairstyles: From High Ponytail To Half Up Half Down
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