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30 cute photos of Victoria and David Beckham

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / The beginning of the relationship

Victoria and David Beckham have been together since 1997 and have been married since 1999. Their relationship has awed and fascinated everyone around the world. They're a match...


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's cutest couple moments

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / 1. Pre-enagagement

We've watched Meghan and Harry grow from their first blind date to a relationship to a marriage and now, finally, they've become parents too!Here, we look through some of their...


30 times Robbie Williams was hilarious

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Record sales

'If you want to sell the most records, duet with me. If you need someone to come in and bless you record sales, I'm your man.' Getty


Amazing pictures from Princess Eugenie's Wedding

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Princess Eugenie's wedding

Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank on Friday 12th October at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle and the ceremony was gorgeous! Take a look at the highlights here. Getty...


The celebrity ex-couples who remained friends

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / The celebrity ex couples who remained friends

Despite a separation or divorce, it is sometimes possible to maintain good relations with his ex. This is also the case of these ex-couples of stars who have remained friends...


Soap star parents: actors and actresses with kids

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Soap star parents: Actors and actresses who have children

It's hard to remember that the people who appear on our screens (almost) every week day have their own lives and their own families at home but they do.  Getty


Lady Gaga's fashion timeline

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Lady Gaga's fashion through the years

Singer Lady Gaga has made some striking fashion decisions over the years, from meat dresses to lace cat suits, she's hardly been one to shy away from daring fashion decisions...


James Blunt's funnies Twitter moments

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Two words?

'Why limit yourself to 1? RT @wildheartnicks: @JBlunt just listened to your album&if I had to describe it in 1 word it would have to be shite' Getty


Gordon Ramsay’s most savage insults

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / 1. The time he mentioned his grandma

‘My gran could do better! And she’s dead!’  Getty


Where are the cast of Skins now?

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Will Merrick a.k.a. Aloysius “Alo” Creevey, then

Will Merrick has appeared in several different tv shows and movies since Skins. The most notable show since Skins is Poldark.  Instagram/@skinstonemm


From the weird and wacky to the wonderful: The X Factor's most memorable contestants

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / From the weird to the wonderful: The most memorable X Factor contestants

The X Factor has given the British public hours of laughs, tears and entertainment over the years. But it's the contestants who really make the show. Here are the most memorable...


The history of Leonardo DiCaprio's love life

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Camila Morrone

Leonardo DiCaprio has been stealing the hearts of women from all over the world since he appeared in Titanic in 1997 alongside Kate Winslet.And his love life has taken a long...


The most beautiful looks spotted on the red carpet Emmy Awards 2018

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / The most beautiful looks from the Emmy 2018 Awards

This Monday (17th September) celebrities flocked to an LA red carpet the celebrate the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. There were some pretty stunning looks showcased too. Here's...


The evolution of Britney Spears' Beauty

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / The evolution of Britney Spears' beauty

Since the beginning of her career, Britney Spears has always fascinated the public with her looks and music. A true symbol of pop music in the early 2000s, the singer continues...


Spookily spectacular: celebrity Halloween costumes

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Heidi Klum, 2015

Celebrities are well known for being outrageous. And that's no exception when it comes to Halloween. Here's a collection of the most outrageous celebrity Halloween costumes of...


Wedding dresses worn by the royal family of England

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / The royal wedding dresses

On May 19, 2018, Meghan Markle entered the Royal Family of England. And that day, the whole world was waiting for one thing: to see her wedding dress!From meringue dresses, and...


Titanic twenty years later: how much have the stars of the film changed?

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Titanic twenty years later: how much have the stars of the film changed?

Titanic has been one of the most successful film in the history of cinema. It's the second highest-grossing movie at the box office ((second only to Avatar, released in 2009)...


Celebrities who haven't had plastic surgery

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrities who haven't had plastic surgery - Halle Berry

It's no secret in Hollywood that cosmetic surgery is common. The pressure on these celebs, who are constantly placed under the spotlight, to look younger, must be intense.However...


30 celebrities who come from a royal family

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Robert Pattinson

Did you know that half Hollywood is related to Queen Elizabeth II of England? It may sound crazy but it is very true!Thanks to the birth of agencies specialised in the search...


Cute pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry, 33, and Los Angeles-born Markle, 36, met for the first time in London in July 2016, when they were introduced by a mutual friend.The wedding of Prince Harry and...